Why to Associate

  • ADR Publications is into publication of Journals, Books, Souvenirs, Special Issues and Proceedings
  • Publication services can be availed by connecting through info@adrpublications.in
  • Our main agenda is to provide all sort of publication services to the scientific community
  • ADR empowers and enriches knowledge through its quality published content
  • Providing user friendly platform and services to Associations/ Societies through official collaboration
  • Journal Frequency: Online-Quarterly, Print-Biannual and Medical Society Journals Printed Quarterly
  • No Publication fees in Science, Arts, Technology & Management Journals
  • Publication fees applicable for Medical Journals
  • Strict plagiarism review with prompt publication
  • Certification to Authors for publishing their work in ADR Journal(s)
  • Eminent Editorial Board from all across the globe
  • Professional Copyediting and Formatting services
  • Indexing in leading sites with high citation
  • Current issue and archives both available on home page of the Journal
  • 100% assistance provided to new authors
  • Global accessibility of the Journals