Special Issues Invitation for 2018

Advanced Research Publications is publishing 80+ Journals from the domains of Science, Technology, Medical,Art, MCA & Management. We welcome Special Issues from these domains. The Special Issues aims to publish advance research in the specific Journals and as per the areas covered in their scope. The Special issues can be published throughout the year with no barriers of the frequency.

Conditions for the Special Issues:

  1. Registration fees of Rs. 10,000/ 500USD is fixed and definitive for the Special Issues.
  2. Online Publication is free with life time Open access but subscription of the print copies of the Special Issues/ Proceedings will be mandatory.
  3. Any Journal will publish only one Special issue in a month's time. In case any other issue has been published in that specific month then the
  4. other will be put on hold to be published in the other month.
  5. Special issues will contain minimum 12 – 15 articles in a issue.
  6. Manuscripts will be submitted in single column with title of the manuscript, Authors name with their complete affiliation and referencing pattern will be adhered as per ADR Publications.
  7. Manuscripts should not exceed 8,000 – 9,000 words which also include figures, tables and appendices.
  8. Plagiarism will be checked at the end of ADR Publications.
  9. Review process will be complete responsibility of the organizing committee of the Special Issue.
  10. Copy right forms will be owned by ADR Publications and can be downloaded from the website www.adrpublications.in
  11. Basic Copy editing and formatting will be provided by ADR Publications.
  12. Organizing committee of the Special issue will provide us with the below details:
    • Title of the Special Issue
    • Relevance of the Special issue
    • List of potential contributors
    • Name and affiliation of the Guest Editor(s) and Review Panel
    • Title and affiliation of all the authorities responsible in organizing the Special issue
    • Editorial for the Special Issue
    • Timeline for submission, review process and final acceptance.

For further information on special issues terms and conditions, please contact journals@adrpublications.in