International Journal of Advanced Research in Peace, Harmony and Education

International Journal of Advanced Research in Peace, Harmony and Education

International Journal of Advanced Research in Peace, Harmony and Education

  • ISSN: 2455-9326
  • Type of Journal: Peer Review & Refereed Journal
  • Frequency: Quarterly and printed Biannually
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  • Available Format: Print & Online Print
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Chief Editor:
Prof. Madan Mohan Verma
Founder and President - Interfaith Foundation,
Professor & Chair - Religious Harmony in the Institute of Advanced Studies in Education, Deemed University, Rajasthan.

Religious harmony and Interfaith harmony Media and harmony
Harmony & Peace studies Harmony & peace research
Spirituaty, Peace and harmony Co-existence, harmony and peace
Peace organizations Harmony centric education and research
Harmonious society Existential harmony
Harmony education & Peace Education Laws of harmony
Harmony through the ages Environment, ecology and harmony in nature
Science-Technology and harmony Potical harmony
Harmony in terature, media and language Peace, development and social harmony
Social harmony :philosophies & theories Philosophies of peace and harmony
Law & legislations for harmonious society World Peace in mtictural society
Peace and conflict resolution Democracy and Peace
Interfaith, Social cohesion and Peace Conflict Transformation
Environmental Peace-building Development, Justice and Peace
Journalism and peace, media for peace Future world order for peace and harmony
Orderless, systemic orders and cosmic harmony Harmony from microcosm to macrocosm
Educational management for harmony & peace Constructive Confrontation and Peace
Constructive Intervention for Third Parties for Peace Peace, Conflict and Development Research
Trends of peace and harmony education Peace activism
Education Curricula for peace and harmony Pedagogy and peace and harmony
Human Values, Ethics studies and research Theories for peace and harmonious wing
Thinkers : peace and harmony Cultural transformation and peace
Curricular and co-curricular activities for peace and harmony Education pocies and planning for peace and harmony
Role of meditation, yoga and human values education for harmony in society Social-Psychological Dimensions of Conflict and Peace
Socio-Economic and Potical Dimensions of Conflict and Peace Sustainable Development Solutions Network - World Happiness

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