Advanced Research Publications
Advanced Research Publications invites National and International Conferences for publishing their Proceedings and Special Issues. Avail free ISBN and marketing of your upcoming event.

Key points for the suitability/ selection of the Manuscript

  • Originality-The manuscript should have proper references to signify the addition or support of the research already published or available through literature.
  • Suitable for the Journals as per its Scope.
  • Accurate Abstracts and keywords
  • Author Guidelines should be properly followed.
  • Appropriateness in approach of experimental design, accuracy of experimental techniques, methods, results etc.
  • Appropriate Conclusion
  • Relevance citation and their up to date inclusion obvious omission(s) if any.
  • Relevance of figures and titles
  • Clarity of legends and titles
  • Presentation altogether, considering writing style, clarity in expression.