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Journal of Advanced Research in Operational and Marketing Management

Journal of Advanced Research in Operational and Marketing Management

  • Type of Journal: Peer Review & Refereed Journal
  • Frequency: Quarterly and printed Biannually
  • Publication fees: No fees for 2018-2019.
  • Publisher: ADR Publications
  • Official Publication: ADR Publications
  • Available Format: Print
  • Hard Copy for Authors: Authors may purchase the print copy of the Journal at Rs. 1,000/- per copy and will get a certificate complimentary with the print copy.
  • Subscription Price for Institution/ Organization: Rs. 3500.00/ $350.00
  • Subscription Price for Individual: Rs. 0.00/ $0.00
  • Publication Fees: Rs. 0.00/ $0.00
Indexing Information:

Journal of Advanced Research in Operational and Marketing Management is a Journal from bouquet of Advanced Research Publications. JoAROMM is a Peer Review Journal and the published content is based on the original contributions in all fields of Operational and Marketing Management.

The Journal is published online quarterly and in print biannually. In addition to the regular issues, the Journal publishes selected proceedings and Special Issues for National and International Conferences but only as per the Focus and Scope of the selected Journals:

Focus & Scope:

  • Operational Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Internet Marketing and Advertising
  • Digital Marketing
  • Electronic Marketing and Retailing
  • Technology Marketing
  • Leisure and Tourism Marketing
  • Sport Management and Marketing
  • International Management
  • International Operational Management
  • International Marketing Management
  • Indian Culture and Business Management
  • Data Analysis Techniques and Strategies
  • Electronic Customer Relationship Management
  • Knowledge Management in Tourism and Hospitality
  • Advanced Operations Management
  • Integrated Supply Management
  • Information and Operations Management Education
  • Technology Transfer and Commercialization
  • Business Excellence
  • Product Development
  • Productivity and Quality Management
  • Enterprise Systems Integration and Interoperability
  • Data Mining, Modeling and Management
  • Management Science and Applications
  • Engineering Management and Economics
  • Enterprise Network Management
  • Business Performance and Supply Chain Modelling
  • Business Forecasting and Marketing Intelligence
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Manufacturing Technology and Management
  • Operational Research
  • Mathematics in Operational Research
  • Modeling in Operations Management
  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Aviation Management and Logistics
  • Applied Management Science
  • Applied Decision Sciences
  • Mass Customization
  • Complexity in Leadership and Management
  • Innovation and Regional Development
  • Lean Enterprise Research
  • Experimental Design and Process Optimization
  • Hospitality and Event Management
  • Service and Computing Oriented Manufacturing
  • Services Operations and Informatics
  • Services Technology and Management
  • Services and Operations Management
  • Internet Manufacturing and Services
  • Logistics Systems and Management
  • Logistics Economics and Globalization
  • Shipping and Transport Logistics
  • Management and Network Economics
  • Built Environment and Asset Management
  • Automation and Logistics
  • Digital Enterprise Technology
  • Industrial and Systems Engineering
  • Information and Decision Sciences
  • Internet and Enterprise Management
  • Process Management and Benchmarking
  • Quality Engineering and Technology
  • Six Sigma and Competitive Advantage

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