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Advanced Research (ADR) Publications is an established platform open to be leveraged by academic institutions and researchers for publishing and allied academic activities. We have a proven proficiency in delivering best in class services - across an array of human development domains like Science, Technology, Medicine, Health, Arts and Management to name a few. With a team of dedicated and seasoned experts - Our Journals are published with an open access and peer review platform ensuing high citation and indexing. Allied publishing activities like online editing, formatting, language translations, technical support for OJS , indexing, marketing and advertisement are some of our supplementary competencies on offer.

We are seeking advertisements from the related organizations and institutions so that we are able to spread the right information to the right audience. You will get high visibility and exposure through online and print advertisements with Advanced Research Publications which will enable you to reach:

  • Prestigious Institutions
  • Leading Society Memberships
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  • Scientific community
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