Editorial Policy

Editorial board is a very privileged and honorable position in Journal(s) Publication. As manuscript is a valuable document and needs to be protected from any exploitation. But just for the betterment of our system, please find our Editorial policies cited below:

  • Editors are always requested not to cite, refer and refrain from using the information it embodies for advancement of their own research.
  • Editors should consciously adopt a positive and impartial attitude towards the manuscript under review.
  • In case an Editor feels that the related manuscript is not of their interest then they may assign the manuscript to some related Reviewer.
  • Editorial Board can make the Reviewer board completely on their decision.
  • Advance Research Journal(s) review should be carried out as per the time lines. In case there are too hard deadlines then we will inform the concerned Editor accordingly.
  • We request you to not discuss the manuscript with the Authors directly. Our user friendly system intimates the Author about every action being taken on his manuscript and then we follow from there.
  • Advance Research Journals, Publication Management Team expects the Editors to monitor the status of manuscript especially for the decision as Revision, Acceptance, Rejection of the article.
  • Editor's decision is the only final decision for any manuscript but in case there is any dispute then the advice will be taken from the Advisory Board and the decision will be taken by the Publication Management Team.
  • Critical comments should be dispassionately in the comments intended for Authors and harsh remarks avoided.
  • Editorial Boards any review decision should not be implied as conditions of Acceptance. It is very important to provide decision as Accept/ Reject or Revision required.
  • Advance Research Journal does not expect any comments from the Editorial board regarding Grammar check, layout or English corrections as we have a separate team dedicated for the same but yes any assistance for the same will be highly appreciated.
  • Advance Research Journals Publication management Team is always thankful to all the Reviewer/ Referees comments but are completely dependent upon the final decision to come from the editorial board.

In the above norms, support from the information provided in the guidelines of Council of Science Editors has been taken.)